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A Yogi's Guide to Conscious Eating

“What kind of food you eat not only decides the physical aspect of your body, it also decides the very way you think and feel.” - Sadhguru

Our bodies are an important factor in how we experience our lives. If kept healthy and well, it can be a stepping stone to a complete and fulfilling life. What kind of food you eat, when and how you eat can have a significant impact on your health and overall well-being. In this program designed by Sadhguru, learn about the science of eating and fasting and some simple and easy to implement diet tips for a healthy and vibrant life.

What to expect from this program?

2 Live Sessions - A deeper yogic perspective into everything food! Understand the relationship between body and food Is there a relation between food and sleep? Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian? Which is better....raw or cooked? Fresh or processed? How to choose a balanced diet? What foods to avoid and why All about water - right temperature, quantity and how to store it Fasting - science behind it and the right way to do it Ways to improve digestion How to plan your meals - right quantity and the right time to eat Explore some of the yogic super foods & Easy to make, healthy Recipes  and much more!

+ 21 day support on WhatsApp

Providing more insights and may more recipes and helping you make the transition to a healthier life style with ease

Learn, practice and experience this transforming yogic wisdom through Live sessions (zoom) by Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers.

Dates: 18th & 19th December
Time: 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM IST
PROGRAM FEE - Rs.1500/-

The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of some other life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life and become you. This is the greatest pleasure that a human being knows, that in some way, something that is not him has become willing to become a part of him.” - Sadhguru

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