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Online Live Sessions

Classes 5 days a week


Batch 1 Morning 6 - 6:30am
Batch 2 Evening 4 - 4:30pm
Batch 3 Evening 5:30 - 6pm

Age: 7 years old and above only.

Fee: 3000 INR and 100 USD for US,EU,UAE and australian participants

Eligibility: No previous experience of Yoga required.

Requirements: Light Stomach condition must be maintained for the session

Venue: Zoom Online Classes

Contact Teachers: Siddharth Gupta(+91-9987297823), Pooja Sencha(+91-9071586516)

Live sessions are conducted by Certified Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers

"Your physical health, your psychological wellbeing, and your spiritual possibility depend on how well aligned you are with existence. Essentially, Hatha Yoga is towards establishing this alignment."- Sadhguru


'Starting yoga early on in life makes a big difference for the development of the body and brain. We take care to teach children asanas that are suitable for them.' – Sadhguru

Why children should learn Yoga, from Sadhguru:

What are the Key Features?

1. Designed by Sadhguru, for children of age 7 years & above
2. This program helps Children learn powerful ancient yogic practices designed by Sadhguru
3. Helps children live and adapt a yogic lifestyle early on life.
4. Offered through an Exploration of Fun, Love and Joy
5. Celebrates the Natural Gifts within Every Child including Wonder and a Sense of Oneness with Life


Enhances Focus, Concentration and Memory
Enhances intellectual sharpness
Builds stronger immunity
Strengthens the spine
Relieves stress and anxiety
Inculcates healthy food habits
Establishes connection with nature
Improves Mind-Body Coordination
Help Prevent Obesity and Chronic Ailments
Allows Each Child to Develop Optimal Health & Inner Peace
Instils Discipline
A Unique Possibility for every Child to Experience a Joyful Blossoming of their Natural Potential
Builds a Strong Foundation for Life

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